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How the World came to be

How the World came to be is the story of the origins of planet Earth, told as simply and concisely as possible.  Organised in six parts, each part is a necessary link in a chain of explanation that begins at the start of time.
  1. The Universe is expanding
  2. The Sun is a ball of gas
  3. Planet Earth is rocky
  4. Planet Earth is volcanic
  5. Planet Earth is atmospheric
  6. Planet Earth is wet
The explanation of ‘How the World came to be is’ approached in a facts-first way.  A fact, that is either self-evident (e.g. the World is volcanic) or deduced very simply from the evidence (e.g. the Sun is a ball of gas), introduces each of the six parts of the book. These facts are then drawn out into explanations that aspire to be the ultimate distillation of its subject-matter – distilled to the point at which any further distillation would damage the coherence or sufficiency of the explanation.

Published in October 2012 and available from Amazon for £7.99.